A supplementary newsheet for the Bowsden Bugle

November 2021

Bowsden Village Hall (BVH) will hold a Coffee Morning on Saturday November 6 th , from 10 a.m.
admission £2.50 per head. The usual Covid restrictions will apply (table service only, masks
to be worn until seated, one-way system for entrance and exit). We are grateful to the Smith
family for the arrangements.

The first BVH Pub Night since Lockdown will be held, courtesy of the Sim family, on Friday
19 th November from 6.30 p.m. The usual Covid restrictions will be in force
(see Coffee Morning above).

Are you Creative ? We are planning to hold a display of craft items made by
Bowsden residents at the BVH Coffee Morning on Saturday 4 th December. Due to Covid
restrictions we are confining the display to Bowsden residents only, and foodstuffs are not
wanted this time. If you have a craft hobby, why not e-mail canuck51@hotmail.com for a

Ford Village Shop has issued revised Winter opening hours, important to note if you
are collecting your morning papers (as many of us are since Lowick Village Stores closed).
Note that the shop is only open on Mondays from 0800 to 0930, Tuesdays to Fridays 0800
to1300 and from 0900 to1400 Saturdays and Sundays. However for the week of Monday 6 th to
Sunday 14 th November the shop will close at 1130 every morning and the Post Office will be
closed all week.

BVH Management Committee recently carried out a survey to get views on what
kind of things people wanted to see happening in the Village Hall and help ensure that the Hall
is catering for all members of the local community.
We had 30 responses in all, split equally between those who live in the village and those who
live in the immediate surrounding area. The responses were very positive and suggestions
were made for new activities which the Hall could provide. The Committee has discussed the
results and is actively looking at ways by which some of the suggested activities could be
provided soon. We are currently planning future events and we hope to present some new
ideas throughout 2022. Initially these would be on a one-off basis to gauge interest and
participation. We would hope to repeat new events that prove popular.
Keep a look out for news of such events in The Bugle, on the Village Website, the BVH
Facebook page. Thank you for your input if you participated in the survey. The results have
been most valuable for the Committee and you can read the full analysis on our website.

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